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UCOL students run PE sessions at Palmerston North Boys’ High School

By UCOL on Tuesday, 06 November 2018

A photograph of a Palmerston North Boys' High School PE class doing plyometric exercises, led by UCOL Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science students.

UCOL first and third year Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science (BESS) students put some Palmerston North High School students through their paces, in a six class series that focused on speed, agility and quickness.

The arrangement was set up with Palmerston North Boys’ High School (PNBHS) to run six PE classes a year, teaching year nine boys plyometric, anaerobic, aerobic and SAQ (speed, agility and quickness) skills.

The programme involves first and third year Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science (BESS) students.

The first year students plan and run the sessions incorporating the above drills and third years help the lecturer by marking their performance (under supervision and guidance).

Third year BESS students start the year filming themselves performing various exercises, which they provide to their first year peers as a learning resource. The first year students then take this knowledge, hone their own performance, and then each work towards running a PE class at Boys’ High. 

Third year BESS students are chosen by the lecturer to work as an intern for the semester and gain hours for their Practicum course. They plan and execute a one hour exercise session each week (under supervision), which is held at Arena Manawatu. They teach first year students drills associated with SAQ, plyometric, anaerobic and aerobic training for enhanced performance. The first year students use this knowledge gained to design the programs they want to run for the PNBHS school boys as part of their assessment. They also video themselves doing the drills and are marked on demonstration and technique skills.

At Boys’ High, third year BESS students attend in the role of interns, assessing their first year peers on their performance leading PE classes.

The students taking the PE classes are assessed on their time management, how they interact, how they manage students’ behaviour, professionalism, preparation, confidence, and communication as well as demonstration skills.

Boy’s High PE teacher Shaun McFarlane says, “The boys engage pretty well. They like to do something different, and anything with a competitive element, they’re into it.”

UCOL Exercise and Wellness Lecturer Suzanne Charles says, “During the past four years of working with Palmerston North Boys’ High we’ve refined our approach and know how to bring out the best in the boys. Some of this year’s cohort have shared that they’ve been inspired to pursue postgraduate studies in teaching as a result.”

Lead photograph: First year UCOL students pictured are, Kelly Dacanay and Rakaia Marshall. Third year supervising UCOL students are Vikas Nautiyal and Nikita Hauraki.