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UCOL Lecturer and Artist Launches Master’s Exhibition at Edith Gallery

By UCOL on Wednesday, 10 February 2021

A display at the Kate Stellar Exhibition

UCOL’s Creative Programmes lecturer Kate Sellar is exhibiting her Master of Design (AUT) research, Sense of Place, at the Edith Gallery.

The work included in the exhibition incorporates aspects of sensory design to create a series of digitally printed textile hangings and interior artefacts. As a Castlecliff local, Sellar employed a multisensory approach to data gathering, recording sounds and using photogrammetry software to describe her surroundings.

“I would go out walking around Castlecliff, recording the everyday: patterns in the sand, ambient noise, just taking the time to notice,” says Sellar. “COVID-19 provided us with an opportunity to pause and engage with our surroundings in a more intimate way.”

Creatively, it changed Sellar’s approach to producing work. “When everything shut down, I began looking around at what was to hand. I couldn’t access my usual materials or resources. When fabric printing companies were closed, I began using wood as a substitute medium. Wood is so beautiful to work with, although challenging at times. It provided the tactility I was seeking.

“I want visitors to actively engage with the work, sit on the benches and listen to the recorded sounds that can be accessed via QR codes. It’s a chance to really absorb the experience.”

For Sellar it’s been  a busy couple of years. After she completed a tertiary teaching course, she moved straight onto the Master of Design programme.

“It’s given me so much more knowledge to pass on to my students. I’m looking forward to the semester starting at UCOL, and the chance to implement what I’ve learnt into the programmes I teach.”

Sense of Place is currently on display at The Edith Gallery, 24 Taupo Quay, Monday to Friday, until Wednesday 17th February.