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UCOL Ideas Progress

By UCOL on Tuesday, 14 June 2016

UCOL Palmerston North campus

Proposals to improve UCOL services to students and lift student achievement rates continue to be progressed, with staff, students and stakeholders giving their views. 

Chief Executive Leeza Boyce said that staff, students and stakeholders had all provided feedback about proposed changes, most of which were about how to implement the ideas.  "Today we are talking with staff about decisions to change some of our services and structures.  These decisions are subject to an internal staff appeals process for the next few weeks before final decisions can be made."

Mrs Boyce said UCOL's commitment to the community and student success was unwavering, and initiatives to keep improving the quality of their tertiary study experience were needed.  "Every organisation must continue to innovate and grow.  This means thinking differently about what we do and how we do it.  UCOL will continue to inspire students, businesses and communities to succeed and produce great graduates."

"If the proposals are ultimately implemented, I acknowledge that there will be an impact on some staff.  Wherever possible our preference is to retain qualified staff into new roles that may be created.  We continue to support all our staff, show regard for their professional abilities, and commend them for the constructive way in which they have contributed to the consultation process."