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UCOL Featured in China Education Daily

By UCOL on Friday, 26 January 2018

A photograph of a Chinese student in a classroom

As China's Made in China 2015 initiative is introduced, China will need more skilled talent. Leeza Boyce, the Chief Executive of UCOL recently gave an interview to China Education Daily.

Mrs Boyce spoke about UCOL's noteworthy education offerings on the development of skilled talents and the close cooperation between UCOL and Chinese institutions.

As one of the top ITPs in New Zealand, UCOL embraces the idea of fully considering students’ different ways of learning and designs curriculums accordingly, to better meet students' demands and help them achieve professional success.

Mrs Boyce noted particularly that the delegation has had developed a better understanding on the learning methods that are suitable for Asian students through their trip to China and other Asian countries, and also had many in-depth discussions with Chinese institutions for further cooperation on talent cultivation and programme development.

She also shared UCOL’s experience on providing skilled talents to the job market and encouraged Chinese institutions to work more closely with corporations, in order to obtain a better understanding of industry needs and help create more practical workplace opportunities for students.

Mrs Boyce also gave practical tips to prospective Chinese international students on how to quickly adapt to studying and living in New Zealand, and encouraged them to proactively communicate with schools and local students to better understanding the culture and integrate into the study environment.