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Sumeet Kaushal

Business and Information Technology Graduate

UCOL Graduate in Business

Sumeet graduated from Punjab Technical University (now I. K. Gujral Punjab Technical University) with a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, and was looking to expand his skills. 

“I chose to study at UCOL because I was looking for a new challenge in my life. I was working in an administration department back in India, and needed a change and new goal,” says Sumeet.

UCOL’s Graduate Diploma in Business Information Systems stood out to him as it would give him insight into how businesses operate and how the use of technology and innovation can transform into sustainable business operations.

“I already had experience working in business environments in India, and wanted to do further studies in IT so I could become a business analyst. A business analyst’s job is to enhance the business needs with the effective use of tangible technological solutions, which I find very fascinating.”

Sumeet says it took him some adjusting to a New Zealand education environment, but his supportive lecturers made it easier.

“The lecturers were very supportive and helpful. Whenever I needed their help with assignments, I could just send them an email and they would make the time to meet with me.”

“UCOL provides all of the resources you need to achieve a quality education. They also provide a safe environment.  UCOL is definitely focused on the safety of international students as well as the domestic students.”

Sumeet enjoyed studying at UCOL’s Manawatū campus in Palmersrton North, which has a significant Indian community.
 “Palmerston North is a very beautiful city. The people are really friendly, so I have enjoyed living and studying here.”

“While studying at UCOL, I really enjoyed studying in a diverse cultural environment.  I have come across new thoughts, beliefs and different types of culture.” 

As part of his Graduate Diploma, Sumeet completed a business analyst internship at Sime Darby Commercial’s head office. There he gained insight into the organisation’s business processes, participated in business meetings, and provided software support solutions.  

“It was a really wonderful experience. I’m grateful for everything I learnt from the professional team. I will use the skills and knowledge I gained there to advance my career.”

“After my internship, I knew about real business environments and the core operational activities involved. Enterprises have their own core values and methodologies, however they still require robust technological solutions to advance their operations and support business processes, so I learned to combine these two together. That made me feel more confident to work as a business analyst.”

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