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A highlight of the UCOL calendar is commemorating the achievements of our students at hui whakapūmau | graduation. Everyone who is involved in our students' study journey - from lecturers to whānau, gather together for what is a formal and enjoyable occasion.

This year, 2236 ākonga graduated across our campuses. While it was disappointing that we could not hold graduation ceremonies due to COVID-19 restrictions, we did our best to make the day special. The graduation committee and campuses planned a positive and engaging environment for collecting parchments, photographs and more.

We wish all our graduates success in the future and look forward to you keeping in touch as UCOL Alumni. Register as UCOL Alumni and follow our LinkedIn page.

Note: From 2023, UCOL and the programme you have enrolled in will become part of Te Pūkenga. So, if you join UCOL in 2023, you will be awarded Te Pūkenga certification. And, if you are a current learner graduating in 2023, you will be awarded a co-branded certificate.

Apply to Graduate
All UCOL ākonga can graduate in person at a UCOL Graduation Ceremony, in absentia or per the arrangements made by the graduation committee based on the circumstances.

If you are eligible to graduate, we will send an email to help you apply closer to the graduation dates. Once you have applied, you will receive a graduation pack with everything you need to know about the graduation.

Hiring Regalia
For all graduands, academic regalia is required. In addition, Māori graduands may wear a Korowai over their gown. We will share the details of the regalia hire closer to the graduation dates.

It is your special day, and you are welcome to bring your whānau, friends or supporters to your graduation ceremony. There will be a limitation on the number of guests you can bring – we will inform you of this closer to the graduation dates.

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