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Emma Glendinning

Bachelor of Information and Communications Technology Graduate

A photograph of Emma Glendinning

Few people can say they always go home happy from a day at the office, and after a long weekend, look forward to getting back to work.
Welcome to Emma Glendinning’s world. “I didn’t think it was possible to love a job so much you miss it!” she says.

Previously a full-time mum, Emma decided it was time to get a qualification.  “I researched Trade Me jobs and arranged them by salary. All the highest paying jobs were in the IT industry, so I thought right, that’s where I’m going!”

Emma says studying at UCOL gently transitioned her from being a stay-at-home mum to a full-time working mum and IT professional. “I had to navigate some unchartered waters – finding a work/life balance, meeting deadlines, time management, and travelling. UCOL was a crucial stepping stone in this process as it was a monumental change for me. Not to mention learning how to use all the relevant programs and platforms.”

She liked the fact that she had school holidays off, so childcare was not an issue. Studying in child friendly hours was also a huge plus.
Emma really enjoyed the hands-on learning style in the labs, as opposed to being one of hundreds in an auditorium going through a textbook. She found her lecturers were always so friendly and approachable.

“My work placement was absolutely fantastic, and I’ve been at Yorb ever since! I learnt so much about working in a corporate environment, how a company functions, and building workplace relationships. I ended up in charge of the implementation of our new ITSM system, which was a huge challenge and responsibility, but the experience was invaluable.”

Emma is now a Project Manager, managing multiple projects simultaneously, as well as continuing to maximise the investment in Yorb’s new ITSM system.

“I absolutely love my job and I can say that with total sincerity. What is the best part? Definitely the people! We have a fabulous team, it’s more like a big family than a company.”

Never one to sit still for long, Emma will soon complete a PRINCE2 project management certification. “Then my goal is to attain the Microsoft PMP qualification within the next year.”

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