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Caleb Hickmott

Music student

Caleb Hickmott, Music student

“One thing I have learned in my time both here at UCOL and in the music industry itself, is that the more employable you can make yourself, the more work you can gain.  That employability comes from being more than a one-trick-pony.”

The Palmerston North local musician and sound engineer grew up loving music and knowing it was what he wanted to do with his future.

“Coming to UCOL helped me to broaden my understanding of what it means to be a successful artist.  I first studied the Certificate in Music in 2012 and that’s where I discovered that in order to be a musician, I needed to know how to create opportunities and that the relationship strengthening I could do through working alongside my lecturers on projects would open up doors.”

Caleb finished his certificate and went on to work in the music business for five years with his previous band, ‘Seconds Notice’, who opened for acts such as Katchafire, I am Giant, The Black Seeds and Benny Tipene.  They even went on to win the Wellington Battle of the Bands and received funding from New Zealand on Air.

“In 2019 I returned to UCOL to complete my Diploma in Creativity (Music) and learn how to sound engineer so that I could record the music for my band, which has been a huge success, with one of our tracks being picked up by a producer in New York.  My lecturers here have also recently introduced me to the world of Musical Theatre and since then I have worked 5 musicals this year.”

Alongside creating music and sound operating, Caleb also makes the music videos for his band, has mastered the world of Apra and music rights and dabbles in design to promote his work.

“Next year I’m heading into design, also here at UCOL.  I see this as an opportunity to build on my creative career.  You really do have to be able to master many aspects of the industry in order to promote your art and that’s one thing I’m throwing myself into.  That would also be my advice to any future creative students here.  These courses are what you make of them, you only get out what you put in, so seize every opportunity.  Do the mahi, get the treats.” 

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